Area map

Safety area


We will follow closely the instructions and recommendations of the authorities concerning the Covid19 to ensure the safety of the participants. Please, take also good care of your hand hygiene.


Drone flying is prohibited in the area without the express permission of the air show director. There is an airspace restriction during the show.


Handicap toilets can be found in the area and the airport area is easily accessible. Parking for the disabled  must be reserved in advance. The place can be booked by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


Display areas for the public can be found in the map above. The crowd has no permission crossing the line to the safety area.


Commentator of the display is Finland’s best Air show narrator, Riika Kaipanen.


The flight show may make a loud noise as early as Thursday, June 16th between 10:00-17:00 and especially on Friday, June 17th 10:00-20:00. Flight operations will start on 18.6 at 10:00. We instruct viewers on land as well as those in the vicinity to protect their hearing. Pets are not allowed of the event area. The calm weather may carry the sounds of the machines appearing farther into the city. We apologize for any noise  caused to nearby residents. The event has a noise permit issued by the City of Pori Environmental Protection Authority. The volume is monitored at three different measuring points.


With a parking ticket (€ 10) you can park in Pori AirShow’s official parking places. Parking places are located in the Isomäki sports center for those coming from the north and on the Pori race track for those coming from the south. There is a free non-stop bus from both parking places to the Pori airport. Tickets can be booked in Ticketmaster or purchased on the both parking places.

Parking places are located at:

Ravitie 1, 28130 Pori (Pori race track)

Metsämiehenkatu 6, 28500 Pori (Sports Center)


There are toilets in the area for the public at the places marked on the map. Extra rubbish bins are also brought into the area. Loose rubbish is a risk to airplanes, so please put your own rubbish and especially used face masks directly in the rubbish bin. Please note that face masks may be discarded in the toilet sludge. Keep the airport clean!


The country exhibition area has a Food World where there are several food stalls offering food, refreshments and coffee. In addition, the country exhibition area has ice cream and candy sales.  Restaurant Lento operates as a VIP space and is closed to the public on Saturday 18 June and Sunday 19 June.


The public will have the opportunity to board the helicopter while the Helicopter Center flies public routes during the show. The flight route will be north of the runway at Pori Airport, as the performers will be flying south of the runway. The price of the flying is 70 € / person. The Helicopter Center is an experienced helicopter company that has collaborated with the main flight displays for years.

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