welcome to Pori Airshow 2022

Finnish Aeronautical Association will arrange Finland annual main airshow 2022

Event will take place at historical Pori airfield (EFPO) 18th – 19th June 2022. Airshow will present a unique cavalcade of flying aircraft from the past and the present. 

Pori airport was taken in use 1940 so it had 80th anniversary 2020. Due COVID19 it was not celebrated, so next summer we also celebrate 80th anniversary of Pori airport.

Pori airport was home of Finnish Air Force Satakunta Air Command Fighter Squadron 21, until it moved to the new Pirkkala Airport in 1985.

Pori is very historical place for Finnish Air Force as first jet fighters to Finnish AF, three DH Vampire MK52s, landed there from UK after delivery flight 22.1.1953. Also first BAe Hawk MK51s from UK was delivered to Pori 16.12.1980. Finnish Defence Force military helicopter operations also started from Pori 1961.

Last big airshow at Pori was held 1979 , so people in the Pori area are really looking forward to see airshow again in Pori.

Pori airport is also home of Finnish Aviation Academy and Aircraft Mechanic School.

The annual main airshow of Finland rotates between cities. Previous three shows:
2021 Helsinki, 2020 Kauhava , 2019 Turku

Airshow is organized by non-profit Suomen Ilmailuliitto ry (SIL) = Finnish Aeronautical Association and its Suomen Ilmailunäytös Oy (owned by SIL) in english

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